Thecus NAS Subliminal


Recently I got my hands on a Thecus N5550 NAS, running like a charm and even the possibility to upgrade to 8GB RAM.

In the process of setting it up I wanted to use Subliminal after Sickbeard had been doing it’s thing.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of documentation about it, for Thecus but more for other brands like Qnap
and Synology.

By using several guides (credits below) I managed to set my script up as follows

#! /bin/sh
echo "Setting PATH"
echo "..."
echo "Filename to process." "$1"
echo "Original filename..." "$2"
echo "Show TVDB id........" "$3"
echo "Season number......." "$4"
echo "Episode number......" "$5"
echo "Episode air date...." "$6"
echo "..."
echo "pass the episode info to Subliminal and fetch the subtitle"
echo "..."
subliminal -l nl -c /raid/data/module/Subliminal/cache/ "$1"

save it in autoProcessTV (sickbeard subfolder) as

Alter your Sickbeard config, alter:

extra_scripts = ""

Point it to

extra_scripts = "/raid/data/module/sickbeard/bin/sickbeard/autoProcessTV/"

Check the Subliminal parameters for more options, this should explain it self.